What is SDR ? A dirt international team founded by Ozone. Our team is active on Trackmania stadium 2 and take part to dirt competitions. We're also active on the both links that you can find below.

If you want to join us, just go on the recruitment section after creating an account. Then you will find an application form that you can copy and fill in to the recruitment part.

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Capture 3

SLIP7 is over ! The final results are just below. You can click on the picture if you want more details.

I would like to give a big thanks to all of you , guest racers, SDR members, for your time involved. We all had much fun to play this competition.

Team 1 did a very nice job, and Team 2 wake up at the end of the SLIP7 to show a good level during the last matchs.


Thank you all again! See you in game mates, take care!

Team 1 SLIP7 results!
Click on the picture

Team 2 SLIP7 results!
Click on the picture